Thursday, April 10, 2008

Great Practice!!

Wow, last night was fun!! It was great spending individual time in my position. Scary though, it just shows us how much we have to learn.

If you know anyone that wasn't at practice yesterday please encourage them to sign up for blog notifications so we don't have a repeat performance of last night. Sorry to the girls that went to Tec Voc.

Also please encourage everyone to come to practice next week. We need to be at all of the practices from now on if we are going to be able to compete in July!!

It will take every practice to learn what we need to know and even longer to get really good at it.

Can't wait to see everyone in equiptment. See everyone at practice next week, I will be uploading the video from big breakfast this week as well. If anyone has video footage of any of the other interviews get them to me and I will up load them to the blog.

Have a great week