Thursday, May 29, 2008

June Practice Schedule - See Time/Day Change

This Friday May 30th we practice at Tec Voc from 7:00 – 9:00pm. We will structure this practice as a special teams intro and positions audition.

We will introduce the ‘Kick-off team’, the ‘punt team, and the ‘Convert/Field goal’ teams.

Beginning next week we will be at North Winnipeg’s field and clubhouse until we travel. Next week we are practicing Thursday June 5th and Friday June 6th, at 7-9 PM. (Hoping the times will not be a problem).

The week after we will be practicing the Wednesday June 11th and Friday June 13th at 7-9 PM.

Saturday June 14th is the ‘Garage Sale’ and the ‘Team Fundraiser Social’.

The next week there is a pre-season Bomber Game on Thursday night?! We should try and avoid this night.

So we will review the final 2 weeks leading into the trip and advise at latest early next week.

The practice format will be as follows:- Warm-up period 10 mins.
- Individual Skills time 15 mins.
- Cross-Over Time (skel, 1 on 1’s, inside run, front 7, blitz pick-up,etc) 20 mins.
- Special teams practice 15-20 mins.
- Off/ Def. Implementation 20 mins.
- 12 on 12 20 mins.
- Team hitting drill 15 mins.
- 4th quarter conditioning 5-10 mins.

Thanks girls, sorry about the change in days but we are doing our best to practice when the majority of the coaches and the field is available.