Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Just a few reminders...

* For those of your that have not either sold 10 bags of coffee or paid me $42.50 please bring your money tomorrow.

* If you have not paid for your 5 social tickets yet please bring $50 to tomorrows practice. If you need more social tickets talk to Michelle. PS the social is on June 14th at Dylan O'Connors Pembina.

* If you have social prizes please bring them tomorrow, that way we won't have to take them all home at the last minute. If you haven't yet got a social prize please start asking for one, anything will be great!!

* If you have coffee to order please bring your orders tomorrow.

* We have one last practice in the gym this week, helmet and shoulder pads.

* Next week we will be starting at 7 PM at Tec Voc on the game field and practice from 7-9 PM, full equipment. (Still Wednesday for next week)