Thursday, May 8, 2008

Next Week

Great Practice Girls!!

Remember, next week we start at 7 not 8 and we will be out on the game field, the other side of the bleachers.

We need to know if you are going to Edmonton and how you plan to travel there.

We also require the jersey size you will require, I will try to have a size set there next week to try on.

Also, anyone that plans to travel with us needs to get me $42.50 or an order for 10 bags of coffee next week.

If anyone wants to sell more coffee, I will take an orders next week again. Or if you have coffee to order this week get me the info ASAP.

See you soon.

Hey, how about a Fearless Calendar for next year?? Tasteful but Tackle-isious!! ;)

Am I forgetting anything?

T, Red, Crunch whatever...