Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekely Update...

Flights are booked! We are halfway there... Remember Wednesday we need any out standing money, $50 for social tickets and either $42.50 or a coffee order for 10 bags or more.

For those of you that ordered this week, I will have the coffee at practice Wednesday.

We need jersey sizes this Wednesday, I will try, I repeat try to have a set to try on for practice.

Please make sure you are at the field ready to practice at 7PM yes 7 on Wednesday. We will be on the game field not in the gym. You can park on Wall or in the lot we normally park in.

Please start to bring in your social prizes this week, some of you did already last week, thanks so much!! Keep them coming. Also remember if you can't get a prize you can give us $10 and we will buy gift certificates with the cash!!!

I think that is all.