Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Team Wind up

I understand soem of you did not get the email, Sorry abut that, I am going off the registration list.

Here is the info, we are going potluck!! True potluck brijng what you like, if we have 15 desserts or 15 salads, so be it!! See you there.

Wind-up – August 15th at Jana’s
2 Belcourt Bay @ 6pm
Bring your swimsuits and a towel if you want to swim

As for booze, I can’t imagine what my front lawn would look like if I offered to supply the liquor so I’ll ask people to bring whatever they want to drink. O-line – there will be a little something at the wind-up for you in this regard. Hey, there has to be some reward for not allowing your quarterback to be touched even once in three games when she’s not running with the ball.

Okay, so to get there – coming west down Portage Ave., keep going past Grace Hospital, turn left onto Rouge at the 7-11 across from the big Safeway, second stop sign is Sansome, turn right and then take first left on Whitegates. Belcourt is on your left and I’m in the gray house on the corner, red car in the driveway; coming around the perimeter, turn onto Portage going east, turn right at the YMCA on Bedson, second stop sign is Sansome, turn left and then right on Whitegates. Same as above after that.

If you are drinking, please don’t drive. Unfortunately, there are plenty of reminders in the paper lately about the potentially tragic consequences if you do.

Let me know if you can't make it, pass this on to evryone incase they didn't subscribe - Tannis,