Saturday, March 1, 2008

First Practice this Wednesday Night

Q: What do I need to bring??

A: Indoor running shoes, an open mind, comfortable clothing (shorts/sweats & a t-shirt), enthusiasm, your friends, a love for the game of football, fund raising ideas and a great attitude!!

Remember football practice is Wednesdays 8-10 PM at Tec Voc in the big gym.

Please bring your check books as we will be collecting $17 for registration this includes your insurance and registration with Football Manitoba. See you there!


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oreintation Night for Manitoba Football Women

Wow, what a great start. We had 25 eager women out to our orientation last night. It was amazing; if I am not mistaken our age range was 16-43 with the average about 30.

I had close to 20 people RSVP that they couldn’t attend the orientation but were interested in giving it a go. Even this morning I was getting emails from girls that are interested but couldn’t make it out last night.

The only downer was getting an email from my Edmonton contact this morning telling me that he read the CFL schedule wrong and the Bombers are not playing in Edmonton that weekend at all. CRAP!!

Here are a few pictures from last night’s event.

Our lovely attendees!

Head coach Craig(Bach) Bachynski

Eager particapants!

Coach Chris Bochen

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Manitoba Football Women meeting tonight

Reminder about the meeting tonight at Tec Voc:

There is Parent teacher meetings tonight so there will be a lot of cars in the parking lot. Go to the end of the parking lot (off of Notre Dame) and you will see the gym, large domed building.

8 PM, see you there.

There is no practice, it is just an information night!


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wednesday night

Well the day is almost here. One more sleeps. Good news I have two more possible sponsors lined up. I will tell you about them once they are all firmed up.


Gena at Football Manitoba sent out an email yesterday to over 1000 Football Manitoba members, shortly after that we had 53 hits on the blog! How awesome, just as I thought there really is an interest in women playing football in Manitoba.


Our coaches are all now in place, you will meet them tomorrow.


PS if you want to get updates emailed to you click on the orange feed button at the top of the blog, and then every time I update the blog you will be notified.


See you all tomorrow, don’t forget to vote on the team name or email me new suggestions.



Monday, February 25, 2008

Two more sleeps...

Well we have had a lot of inquiries about the upcoming orientation and team creation. We may have media people at this meeting so please bring as many friends as possible to the event. We want the world to know we mean business, and that women can and will play football. See you soon, I am soooooooo excited!


PS our newest coach addition is Bobby Dyce, Winnipeg Blue Bomber receiver coach. AWESOME!