Friday, June 13, 2008

Practice attendance


Due to a general lack of consistant practice attendance we need to know today whether you will be at the remaining practices and therefore joining us in Edmonton.

A lack of commitment by some people makes it hard on the rest of the team. It is hard to practice when we are missing 8-10 people. We need everyone to make it to the remaining practices in order for us to be ready to play in Edmonton.

I am paying for the jerseys today and will have to pay for our rooms in Edmonton on Monday. Do we want to pay for people that are not showing up? If we do the team eats it and the people that attend regualarly and work hard at fund raising suffer. That isn't fair.

We want YOU to be a part of the team but everyone has to make the same commitnent to attend practice regularly. We understand that people have other commitments in life but it would be courteous to let someone know if you will not be attending practice.

I will not be ordering jersey or booking space in Edmonton for people that do not attend practice. You all know who you are.


Tannis, who spend hours everyday on this team
The Coaches that give up their time for us every week
The team that has put in their time, effort and $$ to make this first ever team a uccess

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Saturday Garage Sale Location

We will talk about the garage sale Friday at practice but FYI the garage sale will be happening @ 950 inkster blvd. between airlies and mcphillips. Laura's cell is 797-6311 in case anyone needs to reach her.

Snapper, T, Red, End, Rush End... depends on the day.

Practice Location For Friday June 13th

The Practice will be at the St. Vital Mustang field at 190 Frobisher Road. Please be there early. We will be practicing on the peewee practice Field.

Park in the boat launch parking lot. The first lot on your right just before the curve in the road.

Snapper ;)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Bomber Game Recruitment/ Display Opportunity

Stroke of Luck!!

We have been given the opportunity to strut our stuff at the Bomber game June 19th. We will not be playing at half time but we have been given the opportunity to do some recruiting pre game.

This has come about because of the venue change at the Women's Day, Pigskin Plus.

The venue change was great for us, but they are giving us another opportunity to talk to the Bomber fans about our programs.

If anyone will be attending the game already and would like to help out please let me know. I don't think we will be given any tickets to the game but I will check it out. The girls that put in the time originally will be give the first chance is there are tickets.


*** Wednesdays Practice Location has been changed!!

Please note, Wednesdays practice has been moved back to Tec Voc. Time still the same 7-9 PM.

Please bring your garage sale items to Wednesday's practice

Also please bring your extra social tickets to practice as there are people still looking for tickets to sell

If you have a social prize please bring it Wednesday as the social is Saturday and we need to put the packages together.

For Wednesday please let us know if you will be able to work at the garage sale and or the social. We will be putting together a schedule for both. You need to work at least one!