Thursday, June 19, 2008

Friday June 20th Practice

For anyone that booked water park tickets with Lish please bring your $$ Friday.

Also, I was thinking... smoke coming out of ears!!

Friday after practice, anyone that wants to watch the game film can do so. Instead of our regular bar run, we can bring in a few beverages and snacks and watch the game after practice, providing the DVD player works...

Let me know what you think. Bach gave us the go ahead. We could even order pizza or something. Let me know.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bomber Game Tomorrow

Well, we tried, so far it is a no go for the team introduction at the bomber game. After we win the whole thing in Edmonton I will try again for a regular season game. :)

See you all tonight at the mustang field. The dressing room will be open at 6 pm tonight...right Bach!!

For those of you working at the game with me it si still on. Age, Miranda, Alsiha and ???

Let's talk tonight.

T, Red, Snapper, DEFENSIVE END!!!