Friday, November 28, 2008

Small Questoinaire!

We have a few questions for everyone, this will help us to better plan the off season training. These are from coach Bach.
  1. Are you participating in some sort of physical activity during the off-season?
  2. Expectations are that in 2009 we want to be in better physical shape, are they doing some cardio and strength workouts?
  3. Would you be interested in attending a scheduled team conditioning workout once a week?
  4. What nights are you available to workout? From what times?
  5. What would you be willing to spend?

Email the responses to me at

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Almost Christmas and Christmas eating!!

Hello ladies, I talked to Bach today (head coach for you newbies). We were discussing the importance of off season training and nutrition. (a few links for you to start with, FOOTBALL)
We will have some new info coming to the blog weekly starting Monday. We ill try to include some nutrition ideas and web links as well as training information.
Stay tuned!! If you have any specific requests send me a note, not on facebook please, email or post a comment on the blog.
We will be setting a meeting date for January to discuss the upcoming season. Who what where when and why!!
Have a great weekend, you will hear from us next week.