Monday, April 13, 2009

Message from Coach Dan

I have a concern. Last week we had a 20-woman night at River East. This cannot be a regular occurrence with this team or with any football team. When a program cannot even field enough players to form an offence and a defence, there are major concerns.

Last week was difficult to adjust to, that I understand. It was a late venue, it resulted in an unexpected time change and it had been "officially" cancelled prior to being put back on. But we cannot have a 20-woman night again. As Coach Bach has said multiple times, if you are going to miss a practice, there needs to be a communication. But I am not posting this to dwell on last week so much as to prepare for the coming weeks. There cannot be a 20-woman night again.

Many, if not all of you, understand what it takes to be committed to something. A football program is no different. It takes dedication to the team to re-arrange priorities and make the sacrifices necessary. Family will always be first. Many things will often be second. If, for the next two and a half months football is not third, you need to look at your priorities. This is a team worthy of being committed to. This is not a recreational team, though it's wonderful for team morale that it often feels like it. Ladies, this is a provincial team. You are an elite group of women that has been asked to represent Manitoba, volunteered or not. The only way to properly represent a province that has become so very football proud again in recent years between its growing programs and national championships is to attend practice and remain dedicated. 20-woman nights do not build successful teams, and they certainly do not build successful programs. They cannot happen.

I hope that you all understand that I am not speaking to any one individual. I am speaking to the entire team with a message of caution not to become complacent. This is a provincial team. This is a team that represents Manitoba. This is a team to be proud to play for and a team to proud to coach for. And, when it comes time to host the rest of the prairies, we Will be the most conditioned, best educated, arduously practiced and undoubtedly Fearless team on the field. See you Thursday.

Coach Washnuk