Monday, May 11, 2009

Equipment Pick-up this week

$350 Deposit by cheque only, payable to Fearless, dated the day of pick-up

Nomads – across from Mcphillips Street Station
East Side – Behind Kildonan East High School
St. Vital Mustangs, 190 Fraser Rd. Maple Grove Park

Lisa (Kampy) has contacted all those getting equipment from Mustangs.

East Side & Nomads Wednesday May 12, 6-9 pm if you can. If you can't make it the following ASAP to book an alternative time. remember all equipment is needed for Thursdays practice at East Side.

• Look for Zueff at Nomands
• Look for Kathy Cal at East Side 781-9688

Calancia Katherine Eagles
Dandeneau Stephanie Eagles
Kok Cindy Eagles
Mayer Linda Eagles
Sibilleau Pauline Eagles
Beaulieu Jennifer Eagles
Eko-Davis Patricia Eagles
Gloor Sylvie Eagles
Taylor Jana eagles
Tomczyk Patricia Eagles
Godin Elizabeth (Beth) High School
Anderson Jennifer Mustangs
Buckland Alyssa Mustangs
Hersak Tiffany Mustangs
Klaverkamp Lisa Mustangs
Mash-Hadlow Charlene Mustangs
Murphy Miranda Mustangs, helmet only
Pottinger Chelsey Mustangs
Wilson Tannis Mustangs
Cummings LIsa Nomads
Dewald Alisha Nomads
Dudek Adrienne Nomads
Macatangay Grace Nomads
MacIntosh Laura Nomads
McCreary Jessica Nomads Helmet Only
O'Donnell Christine Nomads
Roy Danielle Nomads
Turick Rachel Nomads
Romanoff Jennifer Lynn Rifles
Mohr Amy Nomads
Nixon Jessica East Side
Tabugo Jenny East Side
Tran Linh East Side
Weichel Andrea Mustangs
Ziolokoski Tammy East Side
Casey Nomads
Fraser Amanda Nomads
VanOogyen Lori Nomads

Practice this week, Thursday at East Side, TBD, I will post as soon as I know it.