Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Message from Coach Dan

For Defensive Players,

Although there was some talk about having a defensive only practice this Thursday evening because of the free night, I feel that it will likely be in our best interest to have the week off as a team, rather than half a team. However, that doesn't mean that our responsibilities end for the week. First and foremost, use this Thursday to organize yourselves for the Bud, Spud and Steak (as I'm sure you've all read the post regarding this, I won't elaborate). This will also be a good week for you to attend to any arrangements you have to make regarding the upcoming equipment draw. If you have a program to speak with, now is one of your last opportunities to do so. If on Thursday you have nothing to do because you've already dealt with everything, then I would ask that you use your free time to read through the playbook and think about your responsibilities in the various situations. Some strategies:

- Write down questions or anything you're not sure about
- Close your eyes and visualize what it will look like around you
- Write out what your job is in each front (O/S, 50, 44) or situation (22, 31, 32)
- Close the playbook and draw out the defense (the defensive front for d-line, the coverage for db's, both for linebackers)

Each of these strategies will help you to understand what your job is, though some will be more effective than others for each of you. Now that we are about to head outside, it is increasingly important that we understand the system and each of our jobs within it. Have a good week, I'll see you Saturday.

Coach Washnuk