Wednesday, May 27, 2009

re: practice

This is a friendly reminder, please ensure you are attending practice every Tues. It is your responsibility as a player to ensure you are there regularily. If you cannot make it to practice e-mail tannis at or send her a text at 228-9040. She will ensure the info is diseminated to the coahces. If you are injured and still mobile please ensure you still attending practice as there is important info in regards to team strategy and team plays that need to learned.

Also if you have not cleared up your fees which includes the $35 insurance fee, and the $90 for Bud Spud tix it must be cleared up Tues before practice or you wil not be allowed to practice.

Final note: if you are still interested in ordering team Gear we are putting in the order on Friday, please e-mail Zueff at