Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Flag Football

If any of you are interested in playing flag football we are looking for another team to round out the league. It is a fast paced game, small field, quick ball turn over and fun to play. There are only 5 people on the field at a time so your roster doesn't have to be large, 7-9 players is a great number.

I can help you set up your team and then off you go.

Registration is $600 per team, that is everything included, insurance, fields, refs, awards etc.

The games are Tues. nights in August and Sunday in Sept-Oct. If we can get one more team we will be playing double headers, so two 1 hour games per night.

Let me know ASAP if you are interested, there were a few girls that I got a chance to speak to this past weekend that were interested.

Thanks, I will get a date for the Wind-Up ASAP.

Mom has volunteered her house, now all I have to do is set a date and time.

Tannis, tannisw@mts.net