Thursday, July 9, 2009

Practice is on rain or shine and don't forget your RUNNERS!

Practice is on today rain or shine, so be there ready to play. Also Don't forget that we will be on the Turf tonight and you will need to wear your runners! Make sure you pack your runners as cleats are not to be worn on the turf!

On a side note, if your Hoodie does not fit from the 2nd order, please bring it back, we have the men's sizes ordered to replace this past order along with the corrected sweats. Platinum is working to get this all corrected to ensure all orders are correct and complete before we leave.

As well, check out the game website, there is a link to the women's football talk radio show that will be broadcasting the game live via blog radio! Please tell all your family and friends about it so they can hear our game live!!!

Link to WFB blog radio show

See you all tonight ready to take on the Coaches!