Tuesday, November 24, 2009

From coach Dan

> Fearless Women,
> Hopefully most of you have had a chance to take a look at the
> information that was recently posted on the blog regarding nutrition
> for those of you trying out for the National Team. This is a good
> reminder for all of us that practices and essentially the beginning
> of what constitutes our season is only 3 short months away with some
> big holiday meals stuck in the middle. Now is the time for everyone,
> not just those going for the National Team, to be starting to get
> football on the mind and to start setting personal fitness goals.
> When we get together again in February or whenever we do establish
> some practice time, the emphasis won't be on physical fitness; as a
> coaching staff we will have expected that you have done your own
> work and are ready to prepare yourselves mentally. Those practices
> closest to us are for you to shake off the rust and re-learn old
> skills before we tackle the new ones. If you come to those practices
> without having improved yourself, you have already fallen well
> behind your teammates. This does not mean starting hitting the gym 7
> days a week. This does not even mean cutting back on the holiday
> meals. But it does mean that it is time to start setting those goals
> for yourself and then to take the steps towards achieving them. Good
> luck in the upcoming months, all of you and enjoy the holidays. I'll
> see you at practice.
> Coach Washuk