Monday, November 30, 2009

National team Email NOVEMBER 30- WEEK 3

Football is not in your head , its in your feet. work those Gator drills If you are working out regularly you need to get some football movements into your routine. Your assignment this week will be to add a speed component in your training. Since not everyone has a gym or a track then this video will show you how you can do this every day in your home.



ATTACHED DOCUMENTS: Offensive and defensive positions, special teams and part 1 of nutrition.


NOTES: Everyone will say the Riders lost the Grey Cup because of the 13 men on the field. However, they missed a field goal in the first quarter(3 points), threw an interception in the red zone(minimal 1 point), missed seven tackles on Montreal's first TD drive of the third quarter( 8 points).


QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Speed is not your fastest, but your slowest man.  No back can run faster than his interference.  ~Jock Sutherland


LIFE LESSON: Learn your assignments so you don't become the 13th man.



Part 2 nutrition

Part 2 positions