Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Important info for Tonight's Practice

Team Registration - We need to make sure everyone is brining in their registration fees. We need to budget the season and until we know how many are paid up and on our roster we can't do so. If you are having difficulty coming up with the money please speak with Karen or Zueff at practice in confidence.

Bud Spud - Please ensure you have picked up your 1st 6 tickets as it is a team requirement to sell at least 6 tickets. The more you sell, the less you pay to travel. As well, as you sell your tickets please bring in the money as you collect it.

Bud Spud prizes - Please start brining in your Prizes so that we aren't rushing to get them collected last minute.

Travel to Calgary - If you are not planning to travel to Calgary you can still be part of Team Fearless when we play at home. However, we will need to know your plans as to if you are traveling or not and how you will be traveling. There have been many seat sales lately and flights can be found for $235 return if you are looking for them. The Coaches are going to need a firm commitment on who is traveling in order to plan their strategies.

Alot of information for tonight but we need to have committed #'s in order to plan for Calgary and the game/games in Winnipeg. If you are not going to be at practice and still need to get your Bud Spud Tickets please e-mail so we can arrange for you to get your tickets!