Monday, February 22, 2010

Prizes, shifts and tickets, Oh My!

Hello Fearless Ladies,

Again a reminder to bring in either your prize or $20 toward purchasing prizes for the auction on Saturday at the Bud Spud.

AS well, I am putting together the schedule for shifts(1/2 hour increments) at the Bud Spud. I need Auction Ticket Sellers, Door ticket takers, and 50/50 sellers. I will also need a couple people to come at 4:00 to help with the set up of the auction. We would like to pair up some rookies with some vets if possible. Let me know if you have a preferred time you would like to work, otherwise I will slot you in somewhere.

E-mail me at with your preferred working time.

As the previous post says...sell sell sell, but if you can please bring in all sold ticket money and let us know on Wednesday if you sold tickets you are positive the people bought just to support but won't attend, we need to give a guarantee to the Pal and I don't want to Guarantee to high(we'd have to pay for uneaten steaks if we over guarantee)

See you on Wednesday!!!