Tuesday, June 1, 2010


JPD stands for junior player development and it is a program that
Football Manitoba puts on free every year for new players aged 11-14.

It is basically an introduction to football and it walks the players
through each position on the field. The program is meant to help kids
that start football a bit later "catch up" to the kids that have been
playing for awhile.

They are looking for people to help out coaching these kids. This is a
perfect opportunity for us to get out there an help the football
community and learn a bit more ourselves.

JPD runs mon-thur starting June 7th. You are not required to commit to
the entire three weeks but if you could commit to 1-2 days each week
that would be awesome. We are off the first week so even a couple of
days that week would be great.

Let's show them that women are playing football in Manitoba and we are
here to stay out there and in the meantime help Football Manitoba with
one of there flagship programs.

FYI, Footbal Manitoba supplies us with our game pants socks and pays
for our coaches insurance and coaches clothing. They help us out, now
let's help them (and learn a lot while we are at it).


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