Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Last Night's Practice

Hello Ladies,

Last night there were 10 gals at practice. I was informed by 4 players that they will not be there. That leaves alot of Ladies that didn't let the team know they would not be there. We need to have the commitment from you all that you are planning to finish out our season with the upcoming game in July. The coaches and your teammates need to know when you are not going to be at practice so if the numbers are ever that low again, the girls who did show up could plan something else for the evening. As we have said before we understand that family and work come first, but it is your responsiblity to let Tannis know(Zueff in her absence) that you won't be there. Please feel free to call me if you are not sure you are wanting to continue this season or if there is anything else we can do get you back at practice. We just need to be sure that there is nothing holding you back from coming out and that we can be confident we will have enough players to Host the Crush. Again, my # is 995-8287 to let me know you won't be at practice, or if you want to discuss anything. Please remeber our coaches are donating thier time to help us play the game we love, let's show them we appreciate it by showing our commitment to learning from them.

Thank you,