Tuesday, June 1, 2010

National Fearless Send off Social

Hello all! Just a reminder that all Fearless members are responsible to sell 5 tickets to the Social on the 11th, at St.Vital Mustangs club house. We are a team and must all chip in for fundraisers in order to ensure the team is a success and in order to keep down registration costs. The following players are missing either their Tickets or prize and a teammate will be calling to arrange the pick up of tickets or drop off of a prize.

Ivonne, Valerie, Blue, Alyssa, Dandy, Patty, Amanda, Kim, Tiff, Giselle, Jess, Chels, Jenny, Maria, Shirin, And Pam.

This is a huge list of people and we really need to pull together as a team on this ladies.

Thank you,