Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Big News for Women's Tackle Football!!!!!

A BIG welcome to all our new friends in Saskatchewan!!!! Saskatoon has formally expressed their intent to join the league! As we all know Saskatchewan has a huge football community which brings me to the BIG news. Regina has also expressed a commitment to put in a Team!!!! Thank you to Tannis for all your help in getting Regina excited about putting in a team. The Saskatchewan Roughriders are supportive of Women's tackle football after your trip. Thank you!
A big thank you to Steve in Regina and Michelle and Jessie in Saskatoon for all your hard work and commitments to making the league a reality!  We look forward to the season as the Prairie Conference is now complete.
We still have many new and exciting things on the go.....stay tuned to the website for more news including some opportunities in Brandon for Women's Tackle Football!!!

Thank you, 
The Fearless Board