Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hello All,
It is getting nicer out everyday and the fields are drying up. That means we all need to have our equipment ready to go soon. I am posting the list of the gals that still need equipment and you will have to see the Club/School contact to arrange a time for a fitting. The contact is listed next to the club name. Please speak to them at practice tonight. Just a reminder, 2010 Registration Fees have to be paid up before you can pick up your equipment. Have a great Practice tonight!

Eastside Eagles - Kathy
Jennifer (Blue)
Stephanie (Dandy)
Jenny T
Jessica Meijer
Miles Mac - Coach Dan
Ivonne A
Valerie B
Kim G
Mustangs - Coach Bach
Allyssa B
Miranda (Murph)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Practice is Wednesday as usual. Sorry for the confusion, just a small
boo boo.

Have a great one


E-mail Down

If anyone needs to e-mail Tannis please e-mail her at Her other e-mail is down. Don't forget practice tonight at Marymound. Thanks!! Anyone with outstanding fees please ensure to hand it in tonight!