Thursday, May 20, 2010

Very Important info re-shuttle pick up!

I have just spoken to Ben at our shuttle service. He needs to be called when you arrive at the airport. If there are more than 1 of you on the flight one can call for the group. His pick up location is through exit door # 9 and he sz you will see his van at Bay 14. Please call him when you arrive @ 403-259-5959. He has a list of all arrivals but he will confirm your Monday return at time of pick up. Please remember if you need anything to text Tannis 228-9040 or Zueff 995-8287.

Thank you,

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Money making opportunity!!!

Hey Ladies,
Got asked if Fearless would be interested in raising a few bucks by helping take down tents after the Teddy Bear Picnic.  Info is below.  Karen Fowler is an extended member of my family so let me know if we're at all interested and I'll give her a shout.  I'm guessing she'll need to know as soon as possible.

We need 15-20 people please email Tannis or Zueff asap.  

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Team Canada/Fearless Social

Just a Reminder that socail prizes should be brought in as soon as possible for the Team Canada/Fearless Socail. As well, Tickets are available but must be pre-paid. Please start bringing in your money to pick up you tickets.

See you all tonight

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Please ensure you are at the airport at least on hour prior to
departure time.

If you miss your flight it costs $$$ to get another flight. You will
be required to pay the difference in your seat sale and regular price!

It isn't worth it so be on time.


Important info for Calgary

Hello All, I have most of the flight info I am just awaiting on a couple of return flights that I have e-mailed directly. Please ensure the info is to me as soon as possible.
I don't have e-mail addy's for the following players and I need your info.

Giselle and Alyssa please e-mail me your info and let me know if you require Airport Shuttle.

Uniforms will be distributed on Tues. If you are not going to be there to practice please ensure you stop in to pick up your uniform and all of your equiptment by the end of practice on thurs. We will not be bringing things left behind in the locker room. You are responsible to bring your equiptment and uniform with you to Calgary. Itineraries will also be handed out.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need any info.

Thank you,