Friday, May 28, 2010

Can't Wait to see you at the Game

Manitoba Fearless vs Edmonton Storm
2 pm Sat May 29th
Eastside Eagles Field
723 London (Behind Kildonan East High School)
Rain or shine we hope to see you there!

Breaking stereotypes: one tackle, one yard, one touchdown at a time
The Manitoba Fearless

Girls, please make sure you have you stuff, jersey, pants, belt, socks, cleats, pads and helmet.

My family never ceases to amaze me

My mom and dad, who have given me amazing support throughout my
journey of creating, running and playing with team Fearless, found out
that we had to pay for the field this weekend.

Without hesitation they have offered to pay. I told them no, but they

My family as some of you may know have been involved with football for
some time. Most recently my dad and his team, the St Vital Bulldogs we
inducted into the Manitoba Sports Hall Of Fame as well as the St Vital
Mustangs Hall of Fame for winning three national titles in four years.
He sat as a board member of football Canada and the President of
Football Manitoba for many years. Along with coaching, managing,
administrating and starting up leagues. He was at football practice
when both my brother and I were born, seriously.

My mom, she was just always there. In the canteen, washing and
repairing uniforms, housing players and supporting "the football" that
happened in our house. Not to mention the hundreds of football games
she had to endure.

Well for the last of her kids games she decided to once again support
the football team and will pay for our field. For something that I
love. They believe in the cause, they believe we are worthy of their

My immediate family helping out my extended family. I feel truly

Please, each one of you that have the support of your families, the
ones that travel to watch you play, that drive you to practice, that
watch your kids while you are at football, that appreciate the effort
you put in to be who you are, give them a hug an say thanks. We
wouldn't be here without them.

Sorry for the rambling on but I wanted everyone to know how lucky I
feel to have been able to live my dream and help a bunch of you
realize yours.

Most of you are aware this is my last game this weekend. I will
continue on running the team but my body is getting less and less
forgiving. It has been an honour and a pleasure playing with each and
everyone of you, even OD when she kicks my ass. :)

Tomorrow we become real in the eyes of our community. They get to see
who we are and what we have worked so hard to become. Let's show them
who we are and what we are made of. Three years and it is finally
here. Let's do ourselves proud. Let's leave it all on the field. WE

Thank you.

Cjob - Richard Cloutier

Don't forget to tune your radios to CJOB at 11. Carol and Tannis will
be guests on the Richard Cloutier show talking about womens football
and our game tomorrow.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

First ever all women's tackle football game in Manitoba



It has been 4 years since I started building the Manitoba Fearless and believe it or not we are three days away from our first ever home game.


I have dreamt of playing tackle football all my life but I truly never believed that I would have the opportunity to play the game I love in front of my friends and family. This Saturday at 2PM at the East Side Eagles (723 London in East Kildonan) I will be playing my first home game at the same time it will be my last game. After three years of regular practice and a few sporadic games I have decided to hang up my tackle football cleats (I will be continuing with the team as General Manager).


I hope to share this day with all of you as you come out and support the movement of women's football in Manitoba. The Manitoba Fearless are one of the strongest women's programs in Canada even though we have had limited game experience, this can be seen in the 8 women that will be representing us at the world championship this June in Stockholm Sweden, the second highest number of women from one team. We are strong contenders with a dedicated group of athletes and coaches.


Community support is what will keep this program growing and thriving; we hope that the Manitoba Fearless will be the pinnacle to which young girls in Manitoba can strive for as they mature through our community and high school programs.


Please come out this weekend and support me in my last game of football and the first of many home games for the Manitoba Fearless.






Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Friday practice

Please note we will be practicing Friday 7-8 just helmets an cleats. Thanks. See you there.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

National Fearless Social Tix

Please start bringing in your money to pre-purchase a min of 5 social tix. The socail is quickly approaching and we need to get selling. As well a prize is required or $20 to go toward the purchase of prizes is needed. I know we all have been busy and costs have been all at once, but we need to make sure this social is a success.

Thanks Ladies!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Great weekend girls now let's get ready for Saturday

There will be film sessions after practice this week and there may possibly be practice friday.

Please hydrate all week and be ready for saturday and 25 degrees of kick some but!!!