Monday, March 11, 2013

Rifles to Roast Reinbold

Rifles to Roast Reinebold
The Winnipeg Rifles announced today that they will roast Jeff Reinebold at their annual fundraising dinner this year.  This 11th annual event promises to be as entertaining as previous years where others including Lyle Bauer, Chris Walby and Gord Steeves who have all taken shots for the team.
Jeff was the Blue Bombers Head Coach and General Manager for two seasons in 1997 and 1998. After arriving in spectacular fashion on a decked out Harley Davidson at his nitial press conference, Jeff continued to entertain fans and keep the media running with his continual off the wall comments, quotes and antics. This free spirit brought a unique approach to coaching and often the flip flops, earings and Bob Marley blaring on the loud speakers contradicted the intensity for football inside of him. Jeff remains one of the most intrigueing characters in the CFL, now with the Ti-cats in Hamilton.
Those tossing verbal jabs at Reinebold include CJOB Sports Director and voice of the Bombers, Bob Irving, and Former Bomber Players and local legends Troy Westwood and Bob Cameron. The stories at these Roasts have become legendary. With this line-up of speakers and the potential stories availible, it may be hard to eat with all the laughter
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