About us

The Manitoba Fearless is the first all women's tackle football team in Manitoba. Formed in 2008 the Manitoba Fearless played their first three years finding games to play against both Canadian and American teams.

The sport of women's football is growing! In the fall of 2010 the WWCFL was created, the Western Women's Canadian Football League, years one and two saw competition between 7 teams located across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba as the first inter provincial women's tackle football program in Western Canada.

The spring of 2011 was the first season of play for the WWCFL, the Manitoba Fearless is part of the prairie conference and competes against the Saskatoon Valkyies, Regina Riot and the Winnipeg Wolfpack in the Prairie Conference.

2014 is looking like a promising year for the Fearless. Our coaching staff is top notch and been around the Women's game for years. We have staff that have been dedicated volunteer since year one of Fearless. All of our staff are volunteers, in order to keep the players costs down,  who put in a great deal of time and energy into making the Fearless what it is. A place where women can play together and be part of our football family. 2014 is also the first season that graduating Manitoba Girls Football association players are old enough to play. We are looking forward to seeing these girls hit the field and learn from our numerous experienced Veterans. 

We are the only team in Winnipeg who has players who have been with our team from 2008, retired players who are now Staff and coaches that have been with us since 2008. SO if you are looking to give the sport a try, come on out and take part in a team practice this February and see if the Fearless Family is right for you. 

Home Field

Home Field IGF Stadium

Practice Field is located at the St Vital Mustangs on Forbisher road.

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