Join us

If you are FEARLESS and want the world to know...

If you are over 16 and female you are welcome to come out, strap on the pads and hit someone.

No experience is necessary as our experienced coaches will teach you all you need to know. The Manitoba Fearless coaching staff are the most experienced coaches for women's tackle football in Western Canada. As a whole, they have over 35 years coaching women, and many more coaching men's and youth football. We also have a dedicated training staff and Team Nurse and our team management has been involved in all aspects of the sport.

The Fearless is currently budgeting for the 2014 season. Registration includes all equipment with the exception of cleats, All travel with the exception of food, practice facilities, insurance and all other costs related to being part of the team. 

Want to play for free?? The Manitoba Fearless provides opportunities for all players to earn their registration through fundraising or working events. Money you raise from these types of fundraisers go directly to YOUR registration!

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